I’m back with a new blog and new layout, as you can see in the first photo, i’m wearing a oversized violet striped flannel from Aeropostale, i paired it with my half-circle cutout necklace from Forever21.

You can use your oversized flannels to night out with your friends, like me. But a night out look is not complete without any make-up on, Right?

Ela, one of my best friend did my glam look that night. She used Anastasia Beverly Hills: Lip Gloss– Venom for my lips, Profusion Cosmetics: Trendsetter Contour Palette for my cheeks and eyes.

Wearing make-up will not harm you, thus it will boost your confidence and self-esteem. So don’t be scared and do the things that will make you feel happy and better.


Since my journey as a Grade 10 student is coming to an end. I will show you my prom dress, when we had our Junior Promenade.

March 17, 2017 at Pergola Hall somewhere here at San Mateo, Rizal PH.

I wore a baby pink with all over lace gown for my first ever promenade as a student. And i do not have any regrets wearing it. As the picture above you can see the side of my color black clutch, and i bought it from Forever21 and my gold necklace it is a gift from my grandfather, bought somewhere in Abu Dhabi. I didn’t had a chance to take a picture of my heels that night, but i wore a gold heels from Restricted. It is shiny and shimmery a good pair with my baby pink gown.

So for you in choosing your gown for your Promenade, make it sure it suits your body frame and color well. Like if you have a lighter skin tone it is better if you will wear something dark or nude color of gowns, And if you are someone with a darker skin tone wear light colors like, white or pastel color for your gowns.

Second tip, if you are petite wear a fitted gown so that it will perfectly show your body figure, and when you have medium size body, wear something not that body hugging but something revealing. Like backless, off-shoulders or slits.
Gowns with slits, make sure you have toned legs or if you don’t have, we have make up to make it toned, “contouring”. Use contouring method to have slim and toned legs & thighs.

To have a sneak peek to our Junior Promenade last March 17, 2017 you can check my best friend’s Vlog, Gelo Quijencio on his youtube channel. Prom 2017 | Gelo Quijencio

Chill Pink

After so many months, i am back with a new blog. In this blog you can style your tops or cropped tops with skirts like i have above. If you’re broke but want to buy new set of clothes, or want to know more about how to style yourself with this kind of clothes i have above and this blog is for you.
I got my top and bottom from an Online Shop (goutfit) They sell affordable and trendy clothes!

I love to match any dark shades of skirts with a light top, which is i wore above is a pink coconut tree top, with pink it relaxes my eyes same with dark colors!

If you have small body frame and you have curves i prefer you should buy body hugging clothes to expose more of your curves, with the skirt i have above it really hugged my waist and showed how my buttocks curved.

To all Girls with 5″3 and up height it really suits for you to have skinny skirts that will expose your waist and hips, and believe it or not it can more show how your waist and hips curved

I suggest white sneakers with this set of clothes if you want to be comfy and loves to move around Or if you are a ‘kind of heel girl’ wear pumps i prefer light shades of colors with these of clothes.

In this type of clothes i’ve shown you is a the way you can have inexpensive clothes from Online shops like (goutfit) try to visit their IG account to see what other trendy and affordable clothes they’re selling.
I bought the pink coconut tree top for only PHP150-180 and the front zipper skirt is only for PHP180-200

I’m not against buying clothes with cheap prices, it comes with you, it comes with the person who will wear it and how will they style it.

Comely Swimsuit 

Who says one piece swimsuits are only for beaches and swimming pools?

Well, i paired my Speedo one piece swimsuit to my black trouser, and i matched it with my favorite choker.

I came up with this idea to matched my trouser with my fave swimsuit because i want to go surfing and have fun with the beach, but because of my school and lots of activities during weekends I don’t have time.

And to feel the essence of the beach with this kind of weather, hot & cold i came up with the idea of pairing black trousers with one piece swimsuit.

Even your bikinis can be match to any kind of bottoms in any style you want; comfortable and classy, sexy and innocent or any kind of styles that you really like!

Swimsuit from Speedo

Black Trouser from Larry Levine


Lazy Outfit” or you can call it lazy outfit of the day (LOOTD), Sometimes when you need to go out and lazy to think what to wear so you’ll come up into a clothes that easy to wear and easy to remove.

The dress that i’m wearing (above) is not really a dress at all, it’s a oversized flannel shirt. It came from HK bought by my Aunt, so I don’t really know the brand but i’m sure you can see a flannel shirt just like that in other clothing brand.

Don’t worry in wearing a comfortable outfit for you because it makes you more beautiful whenever you follow your style and not copying your fave fashion icons.

I came up to write this Blog for today because i know some of the girls are afraid to wear clothes that is comfortable for them because it’s not that fancy or whatsoever but every time you wear your fave styles and comfortable outfit i’m sure it will show the best in you.

The Girlfriend 

Hello Girls! it’s been two months or two months and a half since my last Post. And here i am now! Im really excited to post my new Blog for this Month because the month of August is my Birth Month.

I have so many ootd/s to share here in my Site and i want it too, to share it with you Girls! I hope that i can help you to choose which style you’re comfortable with.

In the Photo above, i’m wearing my old jeans and one of my fave jeans from Old Navy; the Girlfriend. It’s comfortable to wear even tho’ it’s old, I guess some of the girls preferred to wear their old jeans slash their favorite ones because it will be always going to match their style and it’s comfortable to wear!

Next is my Top, I bought my Top from For Me, a clothing store located here in the Philippines. (I don’t know if it’s also available in other countries.) Anyway they sell beautiful clothes and charming bracelets just for a cheap price! I bought my Top for only 800PHP.

If I’m not mistaken, it’s not a sale day so for me it’s cheap for a good and best quality clothes they sell.




Since i was a kid, skechers is my favorite footwear. From the shoes to sandals. But not all  my footwear are from skechers, mostly of them like 50% out of 100% of my shoes are skechers. This skechers (photo above) is my newest skechers shoes. Im a type of girl love to wear heels, rubber shoes, ballet flats, and lastly sneakers. I love to wear them and because it’s easy to pair with the clothes that you are comfortable wearing. For Example Rubber Shoes like (photo above) This kind of shoes are basically for all activities you want, it’s comfortable to wear and mind you it’s Cheap!


I think this Skechers product costs $49-$55, it’s for a long time in using, easy to wear and comes with a foam that helps me to wear for hours! Especially whenever im on a jog or just exercising in Wii i used this and it’s really comfy, It has a great design as well in the inside of the shoes has memory foam.So if you want of this Skechers product and other products from skechers visit the skechers store near you!







Black is the new Pink, in my childhood days i clearly remember the colord i want for my clothes, how my pair of shoes arrange arranged by their colors, and mostly of them are Pink and Violet! And when i became a teenager, now that im fifteen years old, my preference changed, my likes of colors changed, and it’s now Black.

Everyone loves Black, because it’s really relaxing in the eyes whenever you see black, and it’s really easy to pair with different colors of shoes, pants, and accessories.Black now is my fave color and all my clothes in my closet are 90% black and 10% dark shades of other colors.

Top from Bench/ , I bought this black top with a slit on the back for only PHP 430.

You can click the Bench/ link to see their other affordable and comfy clothes to wear.

And go to the nearest Bench/ store!


Lipstick from Urban Decay

Mascara from Maybelline New York

check their IG: Maybelline




Everyone loves dark shades of their favorite colors for their outfits, i mean it’s very relaxing in the eyes whenever its Dark, you can pair it with everything, i mean every types of bottoms you want to wear.

Like You want to wear a skirt with a color white, light blue and any light colors. But you can also wear it with black, as everyone says ‘Black is my happy color.’

Top from Forever 21, i bought that because Green specifically that shade of green can easily partner with dark colors, like Black.

Skirt from Zac Posen, skirts like this can have a cropped top or a shirt you can tucked it inside of the skirt

for the shoes, i am a doll-shoes type of girl so i prefer what you want to wear and what shoes you are comfortable using.